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A Quick Guide to HTTP Status Codes

   Status codes are the three digit integers that are actually a part of the HTTP response. Status codes are generated once the request is processed and the response is produced. These codes indicates the corresponding occurrence of processed request.

Currently there are five major categories of the status code which helps us to understand the purpose of the code.

1xx codes – Which indicates the provisional response

2xx codes – Which indicates that the client’s request was successfully received, understood and accepted.

3xx codes – Which indicates that the further action is needed to fulfill the request.

4xx codes – Which indicates that the client has erred.

5xx codes – Which indicates that the server has generated an error or cannot perform the request.

The most familiar status code and its equivalent phrases or reason is discussed below,

404 is the most annoying and frequent status code that pops in our web page, which indicates the page not found error. Which implies the requested URL or anything relevant to it is not found.

301/302 is the code to indicate that the page we are looking for is either moved permanently or temporarily. In some cases it would be redirected to the suitable page.

502 / 503 represents that the request was not completed because the server has received an invalid response or the server might be down. We could either refresh or get back later.

200 is the great sign which implies the request was successful and the server could process on time.