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How To Use Gmail to Organize Your Life

   Gmail helps in many ways to organise your life. By using the features available in them we can note down things we need to do and even note important dates. Gmail helps to send emails and the calendar available in it reminds you about the important dates and events of the day which is very useful for everyone. Your Gmail can be connected with other social networks which inform you about what is happening in your Facebook profile or other social networks.

Gmail itself provide you with chat box where in you can chat with people and also call facilities are available so that you can make calls online to the other person. It also creates a platform to you to share your photos and also share with every one in your account. Gtalk can be used for video calls too.

Gmail provides mail organizer to manage mails, google drive for online file sharing and storing, google docs to create spreadsheets to do simple math and use it for everyday expense management, google maps can be used for locating places during travel especially to know addresses of hotels, theatres and also routes and directions and google plus can be used for social networking and sharing photos and everyday life updates and many more as such.