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So Yesterday: 5 SEO Techniques that Don’t Work Anymore (And Will Hurt More than Help)

   Search Engine Optimization is dynamic; Google and other search engines are always revising the algorithms used to rank web pages because of webmasters trying to cheat the system and to improve the user experience overall.

At Boca Raton SEO, we have observed that there are SEO techniques that might have worked in yesteryears but are not as effective anymore or that will outright hurt your website. We will give you with a few tips on which SEO techniques just don’t work anymore and that you should stay away from.

Link Farms

Once upon a time, you could popularize your website by ‘farming’ out links. Link farms were website that were made specifically to promote websites by increasing the number of outbound links from your website. They tried to manipulate the Google ‘PageRank’ feature which considered outbound links as a ‘vote’ for your website. However, Google devised a new algorithm and link farming does not work anymore. Web crawlers can nowadays quickly detect link building of this type and it might get your web-listed so you should not use it as an SEO technique.

What we recommend: at Boca Raton SEO, we recommend that instead of farming out links, use proper or organic link building techniques; look for quality websites relevant to the content of your own website and that allow guest posts, and post on such websites. Also, use inbound links from authority websites in your own web pages.

Article and Blog Directories

Imagine the Yellow Pages but for website links; that is how article and blog directories used to work. You would create content and post it to the directory and they would allow you to include a link or two back to your website. While this tactic worked in the past because the internet would be more populated with links to your website, Google rankings no longer give them as much weight. You should not consider article and blog directories as part of your SEO toolset.

What we recommend: put your focus on social media SEO instead to get the word out on your website. Post on Facebook or Twitter with a link to back to your website. Even with the ‘nofollow’ element, it should still be a better technique to improve traffic to your website.

Forum and Blog Commenting

Forum and blog commenting was also a popular SEO technique back in the day. The practice was to join a forum and then create posts with links back to your website in every thread. For blogs, it was to leave a comment with a link back to your website in the comments section.

What we recommend: Avoid this practice all together as it will not provide you any benefits. If you leave your links in the comments section of websites and blogs that are totally irrelevant to your own on a regular basis, you will end up harming your own website.

Boca Raton recommends that you use only white hat SEO practices as they are more beneficial to your website in the long run.