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Enterprise Video Streaming: The Advantages

   The use of online video streaming websites has been growing in the recent past. Websites like YouTube and Vimeo have become a preferred option among millions all over the globe. If you are thinking of investing in an online video streaming platform, this might be the best time for you to take the plunge.  A website like might be the best point to start at. When you harness the benefits of videos streaming and incorporate them into your business setting, you will definitely experience a myriad of benefits. These include:

Keeping the Executive Team Informed

One thing that you need to note about enterprise video streaming is that it is highly secure. Therefore, it allows you to easily distribute videos and as well hold live chats with specific target groups and individuals. With such a platform, you don’t have to worry about the possibility of posting private videos on a rather public platform.

Improved Collaboration

Your entire workforce will be able to benefit immensely from the use of video streaming.  Through streaming videos, employees at far flank departments will be able to interchange ideas with ease when they are working on one project. Therefore, people do not have to be working from a central location for them to be effective on job.

Reduction in Travel Expenses

Also worth noting is the fact that the use of video streaming helps to cut down on travel expenses.  With this functionality, every member of the team is a click away.  As much as video parse might not get rid of all the travel expenses, it surely helps to cut them down by a great deal. Not only does this save in terms of money but it also saves the amount of time wasted when travelling from one place to another. There is simply no way you can choose to overlook the essence of this type of functionality.

On The Net: Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

    On the net are the experts in offsite backup and online data Storage Company in the Australia. It is necessary that steps are put into practice for disaster recovery so than an association is proficient to function as easily as possible. The company offers backup software called Shadow protect backup software, it is very easy to install in your system. The company also gives disaster recovery plan and it varies from business to business and it is fully based upon the type of business.

The plan should focus the data that is what must be retrieved in that moment and which part can get severe loss.  This can be in the shape of with backup software to get a backup of digital information or still making hardcopies of significant data and storing them in a distant location. The disaster recovery service helps to prevent the company from financial loss.

The shadow protect software prevents the loss of trustworthiness and friendliness, which happens unavoidably when disaster hits and customers cannot be services as they used to exist. A good arrangement will assist a business to manage up with that which is unforeseen rapidly and assist to reduce loss without difficulties so the business operations are usual and recovered.

What Is Time Lapse Photography and How Is It Done?

   Photography has become a quite common thing these days, we can see people having very advanced and digital cameras even take their regular photos that are taken to capture memorable moments in their lives. With this scenario, for businesses very advanced photography and camera technology is required to monitor even minute and important activities happening in workplace which involves safety and security means for the organization and people who work.

The latest photography concept that supports this kind of unique requirement is the Time Lapse Photography. In the Time Lapse Photography, a sequence of images are captured even at an interval of few milliseconds too and when run gives a continuous movement of the object taken. The biggest advantage with Time Lapse is that this time interval to take images can be set from even few milli seconds to minutes and hours. This will help people to monitor a place just by installing a camera that supports the Time Lapse concept and technology; from where they are sitting they can easily watch them using a TV with a connection made to this camera, recording these images.

To know how Time Lapse Photography is done, people can find that information from ReliveIT, who are professionals in implementing this in construction and mining sites. Their Time Lapse photography and camera services comes with their 18 Mega pixel SLR (Single Lens Reflex) for higher resolution and best picture clarity and quality along with an 3G (third generation) internet connection for faster speed to transfer the images captured with features to even save them in Desktop PC, and above all as it comes with a solar powered technology, even if there is no electric power supply available, still it can be installed in any kind of work or construction sites and can work without disruption. Visit for more information.

5 Reasons to Opt For HTML to Word Press Conversion

  Website safety has turn out to be a main anxiety among individuals all over the world. Irrespective of your intention behind building the website, using Word Press will allow you to stand out from the mass. You can decide to convert HTML to word press for ensuring the formation of a website that position fine on all the major search engines. Word press powered websites are safer as compared to the ones to the ones built using HTML.

Choosing HTML to Word Press change for rising more protected and hacker proof websites. The most excellent security features on your website, there are better chances of being hacked. Your website can be used by hackers, who will then steal your individuality and attempt spoiling your online reputation. By exchanging to Word press CMS based website, you can with no trouble defend your details from getting hacked.

With word press CMS; you can make a new administrator user name that will permit you to keep your website from the attack of hackers. Word press has in built features that agree to you to make sure the safety of your website. By maintaining the efficient version of Word press, you can effortlessly stay listening carefully on fixing any glitches and patching up any safety loopholes in your website.

Google Adwords: The Instant Way to Traffic

   The whole internet is controlled by the search engines and the major search engines in the internet are Google, Bing and Yahoo and among that almost two thirds of search engine traffic is being handled by Google only. Hence, to be successful with Google’s search engine and generate a niche or relevant traffic through Google search engine, a website has to please google by adhering to its guidelines and by using Google products.

Google Adwords is one of such Google products whereby you advertise for your site through it. The important and useful aspect of Google AdWords is that you can bring targeted traffic directly to a website. As ads are displayed along with a defined title and description, a serious audience will end up clicking these links and take a further call to action. Thus, Google AdWords serves as an effective way of bringing traffic to online business.

This target traffic can be defined as per location and places as well. There are options through which you can specify a definite keyword for a specific location. This tends to increases the rate of visits and conversion, which improves the business of a site tremendously. On-page optimization and off-page optimization is very important for bringing traffic to one’s online Website.

WhatsApp to offer voice calls following Facebook acquisition

   Whatsapp the popular messaging service, acquired last week by Facebook for $19 billion is planning to provide free voice call service to its 465 million users by this April. This service will be available for all android mobiles, iPhone first and later on for Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phone too.

Previously, the major reasons for the success of WhatsApp on its messaging services are it is free to use, advertisement free and sending texts are free which would be charged by most of the telecom service providers. And above all whats app is easy to download and install and supports most of the smart phones and mobile operating systems in the market.

Whatsapp even now provides voice function but only through recording and then sending the voice message. WhatsApp has bonded Facebook’s involvement in messaging, which for many people is their earliest experience with the mobile Internet.

Adding voice services moves the social network into another core function on a smart phone. This way many people will start using whatsapp not only for messaging but also to make calls. This new add on feature is expected to make a huge positive impact on the market growth and potential of whatsapp.

How To Use Gmail to Organize Your Life

   Gmail helps in many ways to organise your life. By using the features available in them we can note down things we need to do and even note important dates. Gmail helps to send emails and the calendar available in it reminds you about the important dates and events of the day which is very useful for everyone. Your Gmail can be connected with other social networks which inform you about what is happening in your Facebook profile or other social networks.

Gmail itself provide you with chat box where in you can chat with people and also call facilities are available so that you can make calls online to the other person. It also creates a platform to you to share your photos and also share with every one in your account. Gtalk can be used for video calls too.

Gmail provides mail organizer to manage mails, google drive for online file sharing and storing, google docs to create spreadsheets to do simple math and use it for everyday expense management, google maps can be used for locating places during travel especially to know addresses of hotels, theatres and also routes and directions and google plus can be used for social networking and sharing photos and everyday life updates and many more as such.

Apple releases iOS 7 update for iPads and iPhones

     Apple launched recently its latest mobile operating system called iOS 7.1. The major upgrade packs in a collection of bug fixes, developments, new features and some slight changes to the overall interface. The update advances the precision of the fingerprint sensor on iPhone 5S device, which irregularly had issues knowing fingerprints. Apple says there are common performance improvements for iPhone 4 owners, many of whom inquiring of speed and additional issues after advancement to iOS 7.0.

It also maintenance a bug that caused the home screens to break down. There are some slight upgrades such as to activate siri. You can now hold down the Home button and begin speaking. The camera on the iPhone 5S will not mechanically notice scenes it thinks can advantage from high-dynamic range and turn it on.

Also some minor improvements in iTunes Radio, the Calendar App and Face time applications. The big feature of this upgraded iOS 7 is that CarPlay; it is a tool for pairing an iPhone 5 and newer smart phones with choose in car systems. It lets drivers manage features like navigation, the phone, music and messages by means of siri voice control, an in-car touch screen show, and the usual buttons and knobs.

The Three Main Categories Of WordPress Themes

   WordPress has become more of a buzzword on the internet recently.  Many people know it as a blogging platform but there are many things that you can do using the online publishing resource.  When you are creating a WordPress website or blog, it is important to choose the most ideal theme.  The theme that you choose will give your site the much desired look and feel.  Most of these themes are free. You can therefore download them and apply them to your blog or website. There are three main categories of WordPress themes that you will come across:

Free Themes

Just as the name implies, these themes are available free of charge. The themes are especially useful to newbies. Experienced bloggers who don’t want to spend money buying premium themes can also make use of these themes.  They still offer the much needed fresh look to a website.  Again, most of these free themes come with responsive features and are especially ideal for educational, corporate and personal sites.  You can even customize their features to suit your preferences.

E-Commerce Themes

If you own a business and you would like to sell or advertise your products on the internet, there are some impressive e-commerce WordPress themes that you can use.  What you need to do is to just set up a site or blog powered by WordPress and customize it the way you want to present your products.  Over the past few years, WordPress has come up with a wide range of business themes that are specifically designed for online shops, blogs and websites that are related to magazines and restaurants.  The themes have a clean look and you can customize them the way you want to.  However, you will have to buy most of these e-commerce themes.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive web design is the latest trend in modern day website design. In that case, therefore, these are the sort of themes which help to enhance advanced effects.  Also worth noting is the fact that a responsive theme makes use of Java Script and CSS in order to adjust the website layout or make a blog fit inside an area. A responsive theme is basically a theme that is able to compatible with both in large computer screens and small smartphones as well as tablet PC screens.  This helps to ensure that the website can reach out to many clients across the globe.

If you feel that you need any of these themes, the right place to go to is Here you will find a wide collection of both free and premium grade themes.  You can therefore choose one that best suits your website or blog.

Tips To Check Out While Choosing A Hosting Service

   Web hosting is the primary service when you are planning to launch your website online. The hosting service determines the functionality & performance of your website before the online audience. As your website is the online representative for you, you have to be really careful about the hosting quality. There are a good lot of web hosting companies around but as always not every one of them can assure superior website performance. Here are a few pointers suggesting on the criteria to check before you sign up with a web hosting service.

Before proceeding to the pointers, it’s to stress here that you must take a market survey on a handful of potential web hosting companies around. A thorough comparative study is the best way to locate the most compatible hosting platform for you.

Reputation & experience

You have to make sure to settle with a highly reputed web hosting provider, Strong reputation speaks of content customers that in turn signify premium service from the company. Prolonged market experience also assures widespread acceptance among the clients. Moreover, a seasoned web hosting company usually assures knowledgeable and expert web hosting support.

Superior uptime

You have to make your website available to your online audience all the time so that you are never out of their site. The online availability or uptime is a crucial factor in determining your business prospects and any issue here would mean serious downfall in your sales figures. Thus, you have to ensure that your web hosting provider is ready to support you with a very high uptime- that should not be less than 99 percent.

Managed support

If you are not so savvy with the technical skills, check out beforehand whether your web hosting company is ready to support you with basic managed support.

Diverse pricing plans

Hosting needs will certainly differ as per the size of businesses and a small one with limited traffic should not waste money on unlimited bandwidth -which is especially meant for large businesses with overwhelming traffic. Thus, it is important to check that the web hosting provider you are taking to comes up with diverse hosting plans to cater to all sizes of business and budget.

Round the clock support

This is another very significant point to remember when you are in quest of a high end web hosting company. Server emergencies can happen anytime and hence you have to ensure that your chosen web host is ready for a round the clock support.

HomeHost is one the most credible web hosting companies today which has been operating for 10 long years now. The company assures 24/7 customer support, redundant electrical power for superior uptime as well as various pricing plans for all types of budget.