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Building Professional-Looking Websites For Cheap

   In today’s time having a professional-looking website is the key to a successful business because the website serves as the virtual face of the company. Gone are the days when business owners had to shell out a huge sum of money to create a basic website, today the task of creating a website has become easier than ever thanks to The mastermind behind the website, Brock Hamilton is an expert web developer who has more than ten years of experience in building websites. Hamilton has worked for different types of businesses and with this website, he aims to show people how to make a website for their own business at minimal cost.

According to Hamilton, even people who have zero experience in web programming and designing would be able to have a basic website carved out in a matter of half an hour with this website! The website contains a lot of tutorials in easy-to-understand steps covering topics such as registering the website’s domain name, getting web hosting set up and finally the actual task of building the site. Hamilton also throws in a series of forty two extra videos covering minor aspects pertaining to a new website.

Hamilton came up with the idea of after receiving tons of requests from his acquaintances and friends asking him how to create a mock website to test things out before spending a huge sum of money on web development of the site. In the past Hamilton provided personal tutorials to them but then things got repetitive and he became weary of explaining the basic steps time and again; therefore Hamilton set up this website in order to help all distressed potential webmasters!

The website’s tutorials can be viewed free of cost. It makes its remuneration by affiliate commissions for different recommendations. However, remuneration is not required for using the tutorials on the website.

Website Visibility Boosting Tips

  It is very important to increase your website’s visibility which will gather you lots of viewers. Let’s see how to improve your website’s visibility. In order to push your website to the top of a search engine you have to focus on the words that you have used in your website. The descriptions should have relevant keywords which are directly related to your website. These keywords lets your website to pop first in the search engine.

So ensure that the captions or descriptions or whatever tags you used in your website is more accurate to what you do. Also ensure that you are connected with social media and you have a separate profile for your website in all popular social media. This will improve the popularization of your website effectively.

Do not forget to configure your sitemap, it is essential to give google a complete information about the number of pages and content of your website which will be convenient for it to fetch your website in search engines easily, this can be done using google webmaster. If you have any images or videos in your website it is important to optimize it properly. Make sure that you give a proper taglines to it so it would be easy to locate it by search engines.

HostGator VPS Hosting

  Most web hosting services don’t truly allow you full control of your website. This means that you are very limited with what you can do to grow your website and truly make it yours. At HostGator, they understand the need of wanting to really make a website unique. This is why they offer one of the best and most inexpensive VPS hosting services on the internet. With a staff of several years experience and an award winning customer support service, HostGator is your go to VPS hosting service.

What really sets HostGator apart from other services is that they really do ‘eat up the competition’. They offer some of the most useful, most powerful, and most unique service you can get. They offer a variety of VPS hosting packages which clients can choose from to meet their needs to host their websites. HostGator offers five different plants, each have different specifications each meant to meet client requirements. The first package, Snappy 500 (Bicycle), offers clients a CPU of .5, RAM of 512MD, 25GB disk space, and 500GB bandwidth. This plan is semi-managed because there is no control panel. You would have to select one of the other four packages to get a control panel, meaning you have full control. This package costs $15.96 for the first month an renewal costs $19.95.

A second package, Snappy 2000 (Car) offers more than the first package. This package offers 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 120GB disk space, and 1.5TB of bandwidth. This package allows for full control as it offers the cPanel. With this plan, the first month costs $71.96 and renewal costs $89.95.

The last package offered is the Snapper 8000 (Rocket). This package offers the most and is the most expensive. But again, it depends on how much space you’ll require for your website. Each package is designed to meet every clients needs. This package includes 4 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 240GB of disk space, and 3TB of bandwidth.

The service uses cutting edge server hardware to make sure that they provide only the best for their clients. HostGator uses supermicro servers, AMD Opteron 6000 series CPUs, and DDR3 ECC RAM. They also offer top of the line network; multiple layers of network security, and so much more. The service also has some quality web building tools that will help in making your website that much more unique.

What other service allows for affordable independent web hosting? Not very many. HostGator is proud to be among the top ten best web hosting sites offering its users amazing service with quality tools and equipment to run and host amazing websites. From five packages, suited for every client, you’re set to host your own website for your own works or even for a small business. The benefits to using HostGators service with Hostgator Coupons  is nearly endless as you can’t find service like this anywhere.

Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Web Hosting Company

   Are you looking forward to consult a good web hosting company for your new website? Well, web hosting is obviously the primary thing to check out when you are launching a new website and you have to go really right here. As you go out choose a web host, don’t just pick up the first company you come across. Rather you have to make a survey on a few potential names prior to the final sign up. Here is a brief on some questions that you are going to ask to your prospective web hosts.

 How long have they been in the business?

Web hosting is a complex affair commanding great technical expertise and understanding on the servers or routers. The very expertise is usually viable with the experienced pros and hence it’s needed that you settle with a reputed web hosting firm operating with glory for minimum 5-10 years now.

What about uptime?

The uptime quotient determines the visibility aspect of a site. If you want maximum visibility for your site to ensure high end exposure to the target audience, you have to guarantee a top notch uptime. The hosting company you are taking to should be ready to support you with minimum 99 percent uptime so that your site gets round-the-clock visibility.

Do they have versatile packages?

The website hosting needs vary as per the specific business needs and budget . Thus, you have to check out beforehand that whether your chosen web host allows clients to have compatible picks from a versatile platter of plan packages.

Do they use top branded hardware?

The hardware used by hosting companies has the power to affect the functionality of both the hosted site and servers. Thus, you should make sure to ask your hosting company whether it counts on out-of-the-box top notch servers or cobbles together from spare parts & chicken wire.

Is cPanel hosting available?

cPanel hosting is popular for being user-friendly and hence ask the hosting company whether it would be ready to provide you with cpanel hosting or not.

Is there a round the clock support?

The best companies generally offer a strong 24/7 customer support for customers.

Is there any cash back guarantee?

The leading firms are ready for cash back guarantee for a limited period on customer dissatisfaction.

HomeHost is one of the best web hosting companies in Brazil, whether you are looking for a shared plan or a dedicated one. Go through promotional video for HomeHost to learn further about the company.

The Three Main Categories Of WordPress Themes

   WordPress has become more of a buzzword on the internet recently.  Many people know it as a blogging platform but there are many things that you can do using the online publishing resource.  When you are creating a WordPress website or blog, it is important to choose the most ideal theme.  The theme that you choose will give your site the much desired look and feel.  Most of these themes are free. You can therefore download them and apply them to your blog or website. There are three main categories of WordPress themes that you will come across:

Free Themes

Just as the name implies, these themes are available free of charge. The themes are especially useful to newbies. Experienced bloggers who don’t want to spend money buying premium themes can also make use of these themes.  They still offer the much needed fresh look to a website.  Again, most of these free themes come with responsive features and are especially ideal for educational, corporate and personal sites.  You can even customize their features to suit your preferences.

E-Commerce Themes

If you own a business and you would like to sell or advertise your products on the internet, there are some impressive e-commerce WordPress themes that you can use.  What you need to do is to just set up a site or blog powered by WordPress and customize it the way you want to present your products.  Over the past few years, WordPress has come up with a wide range of business themes that are specifically designed for online shops, blogs and websites that are related to magazines and restaurants.  The themes have a clean look and you can customize them the way you want to.  However, you will have to buy most of these e-commerce themes.

Responsive WordPress Themes

Responsive web design is the latest trend in modern day website design. In that case, therefore, these are the sort of themes which help to enhance advanced effects.  Also worth noting is the fact that a responsive theme makes use of Java Script and CSS in order to adjust the website layout or make a blog fit inside an area. A responsive theme is basically a theme that is able to compatible with both in large computer screens and small smartphones as well as tablet PC screens.  This helps to ensure that the website can reach out to many clients across the globe.

If you feel that you need any of these themes, the right place to go to is Here you will find a wide collection of both free and premium grade themes.  You can therefore choose one that best suits your website or blog.

Tips To Check Out While Choosing A Hosting Service

   Web hosting is the primary service when you are planning to launch your website online. The hosting service determines the functionality & performance of your website before the online audience. As your website is the online representative for you, you have to be really careful about the hosting quality. There are a good lot of web hosting companies around but as always not every one of them can assure superior website performance. Here are a few pointers suggesting on the criteria to check before you sign up with a web hosting service.

Before proceeding to the pointers, it’s to stress here that you must take a market survey on a handful of potential web hosting companies around. A thorough comparative study is the best way to locate the most compatible hosting platform for you.

Reputation & experience

You have to make sure to settle with a highly reputed web hosting provider, Strong reputation speaks of content customers that in turn signify premium service from the company. Prolonged market experience also assures widespread acceptance among the clients. Moreover, a seasoned web hosting company usually assures knowledgeable and expert web hosting support.

Superior uptime

You have to make your website available to your online audience all the time so that you are never out of their site. The online availability or uptime is a crucial factor in determining your business prospects and any issue here would mean serious downfall in your sales figures. Thus, you have to ensure that your web hosting provider is ready to support you with a very high uptime- that should not be less than 99 percent.

Managed support

If you are not so savvy with the technical skills, check out beforehand whether your web hosting company is ready to support you with basic managed support.

Diverse pricing plans

Hosting needs will certainly differ as per the size of businesses and a small one with limited traffic should not waste money on unlimited bandwidth -which is especially meant for large businesses with overwhelming traffic. Thus, it is important to check that the web hosting provider you are taking to comes up with diverse hosting plans to cater to all sizes of business and budget.

Round the clock support

This is another very significant point to remember when you are in quest of a high end web hosting company. Server emergencies can happen anytime and hence you have to ensure that your chosen web host is ready for a round the clock support.

HomeHost is one the most credible web hosting companies today which has been operating for 10 long years now. The company assures 24/7 customer support, redundant electrical power for superior uptime as well as various pricing plans for all types of budget.