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WhatsApp to offer voice calls following Facebook acquisition

   Whatsapp the popular messaging service, acquired last week by Facebook for $19 billion is planning to provide free voice call service to its 465 million users by this April. This service will be available for all android mobiles, iPhone first and later on for Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phone too.

Previously, the major reasons for the success of WhatsApp on its messaging services are it is free to use, advertisement free and sending texts are free which would be charged by most of the telecom service providers. And above all whats app is easy to download and install and supports most of the smart phones and mobile operating systems in the market.

Whatsapp even now provides voice function but only through recording and then sending the voice message. WhatsApp has bonded Facebook’s involvement in messaging, which for many people is their earliest experience with the mobile Internet.

Adding voice services moves the social network into another core function on a smart phone. This way many people will start using whatsapp not only for messaging but also to make calls. This new add on feature is expected to make a huge positive impact on the market growth and potential of whatsapp.